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Since 1969

Copella's name and success stems from the late Devora Peake,
who died in 1999. Devora was the daughter of Russian parents living in Tel Aviv. After finishing University there she set up home in the heart of the Suffolk countryside in the 1930's.

Throughout her childhood she had been totally inspired by her father's orange and
almond groves back in Israel, so much so that she developed a 120 acre fruit farm with
her husband, handling and selling soft fruits.

The very first fresh apple juice

The very first fresh apple juice After 30 years the family bought a fruit press,
and began producing juice, introducing the very first, fresh apple juice, which was not made from concentrate and contained no added water -
the family named it Copella.

Origins of the name

The name Copella comes from the first letters of Cox's
Orange Pippin, one of the main varieties of apples used
in the juice, and the last part of Devora Peake's youngest daughter's name - Carmella.

We began in a green glass bottle!

We began in a green glass bottle! Originally the juice was sold as a premium healthy drink in green glass bottles through delicatessens and health food shops. Over the years the business grew steadily with Copella launching its own chilled range of 100% pure pressed apple juice and apple juice blends in 1994. It was also made available in clear plastic bottles with a new logo which became instantly recognisable.

Simple Honest & True

Simple Honest & True The Copella range has
grown over the years,
including new flavours such
as Apple & Elderflower. However, despite the changes, you can be assured the juice
is as good as it's always been. Simple, honest and true - Copella still reflects the timeless values of the
Suffolk countryside.


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  • 1938


    Bill and Devora Peake start farming
    in Boxford.

  • 1960


    The Peakes diversify from farming by building the Golf Club.

  • 1969


    The very first bottles of Copella
    are produced!

  • 1989


    Sir John Harvey Jones assists the
    business through his "Troubleshooter" documentary programme.

  • 1991


    The family, after having sold the business
    to Taunton Cider, buy it back again.

  • 1994


    The chilled 1 Litre Copella is launched.

  • 1996


    Devora Peake is awarded an MBE in recognition of her contribution to fruit growing and juicing.


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